Knotwords – A Game Loved by Many

The Wordle craze was fascinating in the world of online word puzzles. It is impressive just how many people not only played the game every day but shared their results on social media. Answers became closely guarded secrets. Eventually, people took the format in new directions to play with the concept. There was also an increase in similarly low-key word puzzles online. One that has caught the interest of a lot of players is Knotwords.

How Does Knotwords Work?
Knotwords is essentially an alternative form of Crossword. There is a grid that looks like a crossword grid, but there are no clues. Instead, you have a series of grid sections, and you have to figure out what fits in each one to make a completed Crossword puzzle. It makes more sense when you see it all on screen, but it is still a challenging game much like Up and Down words that we solve every day.

The game was clearly inspired by Wordle, with its clean design and approach to creating words. It also follows the same format of providing a new puzzle every day. This means we can all jump in on a break to focus on something else and know there will be another challenge tomorrow.

Is It Better Than Wordle?
This is a big question. Some people love the simplicity and single focus of Wordle for a quick fix. However, many people lost interest because it was all over so quickly and a bit repetitive. Here, there is a bigger challenge as you try and fill in the blocks of letters because there isn’t always a clear starting point. This brainteaser requires more time and thought and allows you to come back later to finish it.

Even Wordle’s Creator Is A Fan!
If you want a glowing endorsement of this successor to Wordle, look no further than Wordle’s creator, Josh Wardle. If the man that came up with the original format praises your game for its “deceptively simple appearance,” you know you are onto a winner. He says that anyone that loved his game is sure to appreciate Knotwords, citing its elegance as a big selling point. After all, it was the minimalist approach of the Wordle daily game that drew in so many people day after day.

Play Knotwords On Mobile Or PC For Easy Access.
What makes this game a little different and more accessible than the original Wordle is that you can set it up on your PC or mobile device. The mobile app is the most convenient for a quiet break at work. The free version is enough for access to daily puzzles if that’s all you need. However, there is a Pro model with additional puzzles, themes, stats, and more. It costs $12 for full ownership or $4.99 a month. Alternatively, you can get it for $12 to add to your Steam Deck.

Thanks to the balance between similar features and different benefits, Knotwords players should find that this fills the gap that Wordle left behind. It is deceptively simple, potentially addictive, and something to enjoy each day.