The games of the Holidays

Historically, Italians are great fans of games, and this passion is revived especially in the period from Christmas to New Year. There are those who play at home with family members, those at the bar with friends, and those who prefer to try their luck with one of the many prize games (here the information with the list of winners 2021: 25 have done “5 “During the year, with 2 winnings in Calabria).


Let’s see together a roundup of these games to play at home and find out which are the favorites of Italians.

The great classic of the Christmas holidays is obviously the bingo. Both on Christmas day and on New Year’s Eve there are many families who sit around a table to have fun with this game that has its roots in the eighteenth century and precisely in Naples. The beauty of this game lies in the involvement that is created between the participants, and it is for this reason that the more players there are, the more fun you have. Each of the participants receives at least one card with 15 numbers and must try to complete it as soon as possible according to the draws of the board, which is managed by one of the players. The more people who play and the higher the prize pool of the various prizes up for grabs which are usually both, terno, quatern, five and obviously bingo.

Merchant at the Fair
Among the most popular games of Christmas there is also the Merchant at the Fair, a game that dates back to the 18th century and is played with two identical decks of cards but with different colored backs. A different figure is represented on each card. Of the two decks, one is the one from which the winning cards are selected, while the other is the deck from which the players receive and buy the cards with which they will try to win the prize pool. The beauty of the game lies in the ability of the auctioneer to get the cards to the players. The more players are seated around the table, the more fun you have!

One board game that pops up every year around the holidays is Monopoly. This great classic, which many find themselves wrapped under the Christmas tree, is now present in many versions where the characters and graphics change, but the aim of the game does not change: you must try to buy as many properties as possible. to bankrupt your opponents. It is a game that usually has a long duration, which is why it is played at parties, when you have more time available.

Among the board games, another very exciting one, which can involve up to 6 players, is Risk. In this case the aim is to conquer the world, or some objectives that are assigned at the beginning of the game. To complete your mission, you must conquer the necessary territories and declare war on your opponents. Also in this case the game often goes on for hours, so it is a very classic of the Christmas holidays!